Important Disclaimers

First-Come-First-Serve Defaults to In-Store Customers
Because we have the same items online and in our brick-and-mortar shop, it is possible that in a rare instance an items could be sold online while it is literally in the hands of an in-store customer. 

In these situations, we will default to the person in-store. If this happens, we'll send you an email and the cost of the item will be refunded to you within 48 business hours. (Please allow additional time for your bank to credit the refund to your account.) 

Website Pricing 
Online prices are slightly higher than our in-store price-points. We're committed to maintaining an online shop to share our fashions with the broader plus-size community outside of Minnesota. However, it takes roughly 6x as much time to post items online (as opposed to just selling them in our physical shop). Of course we won't mark things up by 600% but we need to make up for that vast difference somehow. (Most prices are just $2 - $6 more than in store.) Thank you for understanding!